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Friday 8th

Parallel sessions (4th round)


Mobile, web 2.0 and social networking in education

Room 8
 Chair: Leena Paaso, Lorella Giannandrea

1) Armanda Matos, Cristina Vieira, Joao Amado, Teresa Pessoa – Cyberbullying. The diagnosis of the situation in Portugal: main findings of the project and its educational implications

2) Tatiane Marques de Oliveira, Luiz Alexandre da Silva Rosado - What do schoolchildren´s parents think about social networks? Polarized opinions about the use of networked digital supports

3) Eren Kesim - A Theoretical Approach to Web 3.0 Technologies Based on Economics of Education

4) Pier Giuseppe Rossi, Laura Fedeli, Annarita Bramucci, Marco Polci - A study on real/virtual relationship through mobile augmented reality applications