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Friday 8th

Parallel sessions (4th round)


Teaching and assessing with ICT in the classroom

Room 2
 Chair: Barbara Schwartz-Bechet

1) Peter J. Allen, Frank D. Baughman, Lynne D. Roberts - StatTree: An Interactive Decision Tree App to Guide Statistical Decision Making

2) Francesco Caviglia, Manuela Delfino - Looking for 'positive deviants': An approach  towards sustainable innovation in educational technology

3) Alessandra Antonaci, Michela Ott, Francesca Pozzi - New Avenues for Cultural Heritage Education: Virtual Museums

4) Ana Garci­a-Valcarcel Munoz, Francisco Javier Tejedor - The methodological value of collaborative work in the teaching-learning process:  explanatory variables

5) Damiano Felini - Quality Media Literacy Education. A Tool for Teachers and Teachers Educators of Italian Primary Schools