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Friday 8th

Parallel sessions (3rd round)


Games, videos and simulations for learning

Room 8
 Chair: Luiz Alexandre da Silva Rosado, Damiano Felini

1) Marja Koukkari, Pirkko Kepanen - Videobased learning and teaching in wellbeing studies in vocational teacher education

2) Alfredo Di Tore, Giuseppina R. Mangione, Nadia Carlomagno, Rodolfo Vastola, Stefano Di Tore - Human Machine Interaction, embodied cognition and phenomenology: the body in digital storytelling

3) Jasmine Kulbida, Brien Maguire - Print Quest: A Learning Adventure

4) Corrado Petrucco, Marina De Rossi, Fabrizio Personeni - Digital Storytelling as new meaningful teaching/learning strategy for mathematics and geometry