In this page, you can find the official programme of the parallel sessions. You should click on the session you want to check the programme. Inside each page, you can download the slides that the authors will use during the presentation.

Otherwise, you can download the detailed parallel sessions programme in pdf file, clicking here.

A computer connected to the Internet and a video projector will be available in every lecture halls. The authors have to bring their presentation in a whatever usb pen. We kindly remind you to prepare your presentation in one of the following kinds of files: doc, docx, pdf, odt, odp, ppt, pptx


You can download the book of abstracts, clicking here


Thursday 7th- 16.30/18.30

Parallel sessions (1st round)


Friday 8th- 8.30/10.30

Parallel sessions (2nd round)

Friday 8th- 14/16

Parallel sessions (3rdround)

Friday 8th- 16.30/18.30

Parallel sessions (4th round)


Saturday 9th- 8.30/10.30

Parallel sessions (5thround)