Where is the Department of Education?

The Department of Education is located in corso Andrea Podestà, 2, 16121 Genova. You can type this address in your GPS or in maps.Google

But it's better if you arrive to the secondary entrance, located in Via Foscolo 6. In fact, the department is very close to the Genova Brignole Station. As you can see, you can reach the department by 10 minutes walk from the station through a narrow street (Via San Vincenzo) located in a pedestrian area.

At the end of this street, you will find another narrow uphill street on the right (Via Foscolo). You can find the secondary entrance of the department just 20 metres going up (see the picture).

The main entrance (corso Podestà 2) is located above a bridge so it's more convenient to use the secondary entrance closer to the old city. Genova has been built on the hills close to the sea...so there are climbs and downhill slopes. The panorama is wonderful.